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Healing Science in the bioenergetic spectrum can involve acoustic, enzymatic, ionic, somatic, electromagnetic, and quantum dynamic modalities. This particular section on energy oriented Bioenergetics can be divided into Vibrational Energy categories of bioresonance and subtle energy.

Bioresonance therapies use biofeedback microcurrents and millivoltages to reorient distorted frequency waveforms resulting from trauma and energetic patterning in our body's cellular memory. Subtle Energy therapies use biological "witness" samples to remotely broadcast changes in the Bioenergy Field (aka: radionics).

Most common are Bioenergetic Instruments which use Electromagnetic Fields, Bioelectrical Signals, and Amplified Photon Irradiation to stimulate or induce natural biological responses. Many of us are already aware of TENS (transcutaneous electroneural stimulation) units have been used for pain relief for decades; this modality falls into the bioelectrical signal category.

Far beyond this level is an emerging new genre of Bioenergetic Instrument which focus on nourishment as well as symptomatic relief. Nourishing the body with harmonically rich carrier waves can re-establish the normal cellular resonance.

Extremely low bioelectrical currents in the micro amphere range can gently re-establish ideal electrical potency and polarity to dramatically decongest the body at the cellular level.

The work of Royal Raymond Rife is proliferated all over the web, but is overly focused on the technology as it was decades ago. Rather than glamorize heros of the past, we can truly honor them by advancing technologies into the 21st Century - because this is what THEY would do if they were alive and well, today. Those pioneers in energy oriented healing technologies would be introducing "Quantum Mechanical BioPhysics" and "Advanced WaveForm BioTechnologies." This page is now mobile device friendly.

Managing health becomes very simple with Energy Medicine. There are virtually no negative side effects as opposed to the multiple miasms induced by drug prescriptions for chronic ailments (which you will most likely have to take for the rest of your life once your "doctor" has you hooked). Most of these Vibrational Energy Instruments are best considered "Energy Supplements."

Energy and Information work hand in hand; the type of energy delivered to the body and the frequency waveform are the two fundamental factors of Energy Medicine. Presented are some examples of bioenergetic healing.

Bioenergetic Biofeedback is studied as effects of electrical signals on healing wounds and defects. Russian Research produced a bioelectrical feedback device which utilizes this biophysical phenomenon.

Chi Swing Exerciser relieves common ailments that cause pain and stiffness and produces many remarkable benefits. Learn how the Chi Swing helps to eliminate body toxins and provide the essential benefits of exercise without putting stress on the spinal vertebrae, joints, heart and lungs without depleting vital body energy levels or causing injury.

Colloidal Silver Report describes how to make a generator and its application. Overall, it seems that the effective and safe use of colloidal silver in the treatment of dozens of common infectious disorders is only limited by the imagination and creativity of those afflicted. NOW, MOBILE DEVICE FRIENDLY!

Mild Silver Protein (MSP) is a conglomeration of silver colloids along a protein strand. Silver Colloids have the ability to attach themselves to protein strands as simple as that provided by agar and other gelatins. The applications of MSP are efficacious in combating viralent strains of infection including e-coli as discussed in case studies provided. For Example, this SARS Report describes application of Colloidal Silver against anthrax and other organisms.

Music can influence the natural healing motility of genes, cells, and various structures in the body. A treatise on the Solfeggio Scale is included.

Harmonic Translator Case studies by inventor, John Monroe, demonstrate bioenergetic treatments. Includes treatise on our relationship to the environment by way of viral organisms.

Insomnia disorders and the resulting sleep deprivation can be treated with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) therapy which has been used with high degrees of success compared to orthodox treatments. Includes scientific studies and other various holistic solutions.

Within the last decade, medical scientists have experimented with Low level laser irradiation therapy for treating chronic ailments including case studies for treating tuberculosis; study in patients with primary Raynaud's phenomenon; Transmeatal irradiation for tinnitus; morphometric assessment of the effect on bone repair; quantum therapy for the treatment of stable angina, and more.

Learn how the therapeutic remedial uses of Ozone are an effective treatment for viral infections such as mycoplasmydial, chlamydial, and rickettsial infections without any of the long-term side effects of antibiotics. Dr. Harold Katz, who understands ozone therapy and ozone treatments, designed a generator according to his patients' specs.

Extremely low frequencies of 0.5 to 18Hz with specially shaped multi-rhythm bio-waveforms of oscillating magnetic energy fields can influence the ion exchange at the cellular level and also have an effect on oxygen transport, blood activity and flow. This is important for the promotion of healing of casual factors, such as injuries or disease, in conjunction with appropriate nutrients and under the guidance of a suitably qualified health-care practitioner.

Short Biography on Royal Raymond Rife explains why energy oriented medicine and their researchers are segregated from a morally corrupt society. James E. Bare D.C. discusses the Rife/Bare instrument which utilizes patented methods and techniques to produce a modern day recreation of a relatively unknown therapy device. Now Mobile Device Friendly.

Vibrational Energy Medicine advances the concepts of Tesla, Rife, Abrams, Lakhovsky and Ed Skilling, by combining an advanced lymph technology with full-spectrum Frequency Technology, and by utilizing the principles of Sacred Geometry and modern circuitry design.

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The Bioelectronic Basis for Healing Energies: Charge and Field Effects as a Basis for Complementary Medical Techniques. by Leane E. Roffey:

Abstract: As of the time of this review over 150 studies of "healing energies" have been reported in which the energy parameters were specified and controlled. More than half demonstrate statistical significance, p < 0.05. Some researchers have measured electromagnetic (EM) signals emanating from the hands of healers which are within the same frequency range as human brain waves. There are some indications that a correlation exists between atmospheric oscillations, brain waves, and biological EM emissions. Understanding the nature of this correlation may enable us to characterize and further utilize various types of "healing energies." The paradigm for the application of these energies may develop into a basis for a variety of existing complementary medical practices. Integral portions of biological systems have been shown to be semiconducting, ferromagnetic and piezoelectric. The biosemiconductor, together with the drift of charges, ions, and radicals, may be considered as a form of "bioplasma." Bioplasma may be subject to magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) control. The EM fields emitted by trained healers may be considered as coherent, resonant biomagnetic emissions by which a less coherent EM field of the patient is "tuned" to the specific frequency and phase, and through which homeostasis can be "aligned" to induce "healing."

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