Harmonic Translator Case Studies

Kidney failure reversal.

Jeffery was a desperate man when he came to the clinic in the summer of 94. Having suffered from diabetes for many years, he had succumbed to toxic shock from a bacterial infection and had suffered from near total kidney failure for more than a year. Once or twice a week he would go in for dialysis treatment to remove the buildup of toxic waist from his blood that his kidneys no longer could process. Because of related health factors, Jeffery was not a candidate for a kidney transplant. At age 40 his doctors gave him no more than a few years to live because of the constant toxicity and severe water restriction in his diet.

The initial Harmonic Translation System bio-energetic analysis revealed that while his kidneys were not functioning, the tissues of his kidneys themselves looked mostly healthy. The practitioner could not determine why the kidneys did not resume their normal functions, only that they were not doing so. A scan of the existing H T electronic pharmacy reviled nothing that looked promising treatment wise. Finding no obvious place to start, the practitioner then took an experimental track. Noting that jaborandi red root, from the herbal category in the electronic pharmacy had given a vary slight reaction when tested. By itself, this reaction would not have been significant or useful, but it could provide a place to start an experiment. Using the editor / synthesizer functions built into the Harmonic Translation program, the practitioner minutely altered the coded information in the pharmacy database that represented the jaborandi red root. This new configuration of bio information was then tested to see how it affected Jeffrey's level of kidney function. looking for even a slight improvement. One slight alteration after another was tried. After several hours of this experimentation, a configuaration was found that boosted kidney funtion by just a little bit. While this small increase was meaningless by itself, it was an indication of a direction to proceed in. A homeopathic remedy was synthesized from this information and given to Jeffery. This procedure was repeated hundreds of times over the course of the next four months. With each edit and synthesis of the treatment information, it became more focused and effective. As the weeks passed, Jeffery needed less and less time on the dialysis machine. After more than four months of this process he needed no dialysis at all. His overall health improved dramatically and he resumed a more normal life, even though his kidneys continued to read well below normal and he continued to need a restricted diet.

The practitioners in this case had hoped that the information and the electronic medicine created to help Jeffery would be applicable to others with kidney failure. While the procedure proved an effective guide to others with similar symptoms, the electronic medicine produced for Jeffery had no effect on others. It would seem that to be effective in this way requires a highly individualized series of remedies. This kind of experimental healing remains on the cutting edge of electronic medicine.

Extreme environmental sensitivity.

The woman's husband contacted the holistic clinic saying that her regular doctor suggested that she seek alternative treatment. It went without saying that he felt that this was a last resort.

She could not come into the clinic in person. In fact she was confined to a single room in her home. Her husband explained that he had constructed the plastic lined room with micro pour air filtration in an effort to save her from the ravages of her condition. She seemed to be massively allergic to everything. Dust, pollen, all plants, all animals, all people, most medicines, soil, wood, concrete and most plastics. Loud noises and bright lights also could elicit an extreme reaction. The reactions were mostly skin rashes, swelling of the mucous membranes and gastrointestinal dysfunction. The reactions sometimes included blinding headaches, and convulsions that could in the worst cases lead to a loss of consciousness. Her condition had been deteriorating for about six years. It had been over three years sense she had been able to work.

The initial H T bio analysis showed multiple allergies as well as high levels of toxicity. A vector analysis revealed that the toxicity was both physical as well as psycho-emotional. This means that her reactions came both from sensitivity to cretin substances as well as the fear of the reactions themselves.

A technique called auto detoxification was determined to be the best approach. This unique procedure was developed by several H T practitioners to raise the trigger thresholds for toxic reactions of all kinds. While this concept is not a new one, the ability to affect these thresholds via Harmonic Translation is. A small urine sample was obtained and scanned into the H T pharmacy database. This procedure is akin to extracting the active information from the scanned substance. Once in the electronic pharmacy, the item of information can be used medicinally. Urine is used here because it contains a chemical as well as energetic imprint of ongoing toxic reactions.

The new medicinal item, based on her urine, was then called up from the treatment side of the program, in the out of phase form. Out of phase, refers to a mirror image of the original energetic waveform, which is used to neutralize similar energy expressions in the body. This electronic medicine was then further processed in the translator program by being combined with other elements from the pharmacy. In this case, several flower essences were chosen to help with the emotional component of the condition. An energy envelope was then composed to carry the specialized medicinal information. This envelope is composed of two frequencies, one in the visible light range (a color), and the other in the audible sound range (a sound). This color and sound envelope was then loaded with the frequency shifts that represented the composed medicinal items. The resulting electromagnetic signal was then transcribed onto a small vial of filtered water. Testing of this remedy prior to giving it to the client reviled that only the highest FSI setting (potency) would work. An FSI setting of 10 (the highest possible) corresponds to the MM potency range in homeopathy, and is electronically expressed as a vary rarified signal. Progressively lower potency remedies of this type, were given to her over the course of the next eight weeks. The mix of flower remedies and support homeopathics varied over these weeks as well as the use of updated urine samples. A new remedy was composed each week. After the eighth week, she was able to leave her clean room and resume her life. She continued to need an updated auto detox remedy every few months to prevent the recurrence of her environmental intolerance.

The promotion of desire.

This story, reports on one of the more unusual techniques developed with Harmonic Translation. The practitioner who developed the procedure noticed that most of the people coming to see him were not physically sick in any major way, but were, for lack of a better way to see it, simply not "being" enough of who they felt they truly were. He reasoned that while this sort of thing was common in most people, it was so extreme for some that it led to stress, disease and even death. Now while there are a great many techniques designed to help alleviate mental and emotional blockages, this technique sought to temporarily bypass them. The idea being that the individual could have an experience of themselves as they truly were intended to be, rather than as they had conditioned themselves to be. The practitioner saw that in these individuals, energy tended to accumulate in some areas of the body and be deficient in others. The experiment was simply to devise a way to let that energy move from the high point to the low while at the same time releasing information associated with intense desires into the energetic high point. This was a bit like jump starting a car, where a wire is placed between the battery and the ignition coil and the car can run even though the ignition switch is off. Tests indicated that this energetic bypass could last for no more than 72 hours and would provide valuable stress relief for the body as well as the hoped for experience.

Several months of experimentation showed that what worked best was to have the individual client sit quietly and think about something they truly wanted. It seemed to matter little what they thought or felt so long as there was some passion in the desire. While they did this, the practitioner would scan the individual into the H T data matrix in much the same way that a new medicinal substance would be added to the data pharmacy. Once in the pharmacy, the impression of desire could be called up in the treatment synthesizer and fashioned into electronic medicine that would create the temporary energetic bridging effect. I think it is because the internal energetic patterning of any individual is so dynamic, that only a temporary bridging is possible. Like damming a river, the water wants to go where it wants to go. This is not to say that these dynamic internal patterns can not change quickly. Only that there are underlying reasons for all energetic patterns and blockages. It is best to understand these blocks as best as possible and to respect them so as not to be taken totally by surprise when they express themselves or, when they shift, move or even disappear.

Most people's experience of this treatment is that it is others around them that act differently, not them. I would theorize that fundamental patterns of communication and perception are affected by this technique and that is why it is others that are perceived as behaving differently.

In one case, the client was scanned repeatedly while entertaining intense desires. All of the electronic medicine made from these patterns was rejected as unsuited for the procedure. When asked what he was focusing on he said he was forgiving his father. His normal feelings for his father were anger and more anger. He was then asked to simply focus on the feelings that were there. He was reluctant to do this as he did not want to promote negative feelings. It was explained that as far as the technique was concerned, desires and feelings for world peace were no different than those for another piece of pie. The desires themselves must be thought of as labels placed on flows of energy that either move or are blocked. This energy is not good or bad, it simply needs to flow.

A new scan was taken while the client let himself feel his feelings of anger for his father. This pattern proved suitable for the process and was entered into the treatment buffer. A scan of the electronic pharmacy showed that it was optimal to combine other electronic medicines to that derived from his desires. Several medicines based on flower remedies were selected and added to the first pattern. Flower remedies are mostly antidotes to negative mental emotional states or promotions of desirable ones. With the composed patterns in the buffer, the energetic envelope was then created to deliver the healing information in the best way for this individual. The composed envelope had the appearance of a deep purple color and a low tonal frequency of 70.8hz. All of this information was then transcribed onto a small vile of water. Dosage instructions were that he should take the medicine every 20 minutes for the next three days. He was told to pay attention to everything around him so as not to miss any reaction to the process. Toward the end of the second day, his father, whom he had had no contact with for many years, gave him a call. While they did not in fact work out their differences, the stagnant energy around the relationship did dissipate. Being no panacea for problems, the technique does seem to work well where movement in an otherwise stagnant situation is needed. This technique is not able to create specific desired events or circumstances. The impression is that a small window of opportunity can be created. As with any such window, it means little if one does not take the opportunity and go through it.

Viral immunity.

This last story is based on an experiment of my own, and while we failed to achieve the goals of the experiment it became a milestone for me in my comprehension of biology and the environment.

The goal of this experiment was ambitious. To block all viral infection. It was 1989 and the AIDS epidemic had everyone thinking of ways to help. We started by looking for any creatures that got few if any viral infection. To my surprise, we found the shark. To the best of any ones knowledge the shark did not get viral infections.

We created analysis programs for the H T System that let us measure the infectious vitality of several common and dangerous viruses. With samples of shark cartilage scanned into our pharmacy database we began to look for a potential blocking effect in the viruses ability to infect the cells of our test subjects. Test subjects averaged from two to four cold or flu infections per year. Each subject was now taking a specially formulated homeopathic remedy composed of information synthesized originally from the shark cartilage, but adapted for each person to be maximally effective. Most of the experiment consisted of constantly editing and testing the remedy matrix to increase the effectiveness.
The initial kinesiological feedback looked good. After about three months of refining the information originally derived from the shark cartilage we were seeing what we hoped would translate into fewer viral infections. As time passed and viral infections dropped off and finally stopped, we felt hopeful that we were succeeding. After more than a year with no one in the group having gotten sick we found something unexpected. Each of the subjects in their own way began to express that they felt cut off or alone. We did not at first suspect that it was the experiment itself that was to blame for this mild depression. Analysis reviled however, that in each person's case the cause was in fact the experimental medicine. All efforts to adjust the medicine to eliminate the effect failed.

I was aware that there was something here that I simply did not comprehend or perhaps was wrong about. I set up an analytic program in the H T System to measure probabilities within the concepts that our work was based on. In this way I was checking my assumptions to see if there was an obvious flaw. It took me weeks to check, recheck and rethink what it was we were trying to do and why that was a problem. What I learned was fascinating and it has changed the way I think about health and disease.

We were trying to avoid diseases caused by viruses. The assumption was that viruses were pathogens and should be avoided. In retrospect, what I learned should have been more obvious from the start. Even though viruses do sometimes cause pathology, they are not simply parasitic organisms bent on there own survival at our expense. They are among other things, information vectors within the environment. It is known that a virus can carry genetic information into the cells that it infects. We learned that viruses can carry information from one individual to another and from one species to another. They are in reality, pathways within the environment for all living things to share critical information. They probably play a crucial role in evolution and cross species symbiosis.

So it turns out that blocking all viral infection as the shark does naturally, doesn't work for our species. The shark has not significantly evolved in over 350 million years. A true pinnacle predator. The human strategy in evolution is quite different. We embrace change and are infinitely adaptable. Our immune systems admit many viruses daily, allow them to deliver there information and perhaps to carry unique information of ours out into the environment. This probably takes only a few hours, after which the viral bodies are eliminated by the immune system to make room for the next. Viral disease is probably caused by poorly adapted viruses. It has been shown that HIV came from a monkey virus. The ever changing variations of the influenza virus are a true mystery.

So back in the lab, we went to work to undo the immunity we had worked so hard to create. What we had accomplished was to graft a characteristic of the sharks immune system onto our own. As it turned out, the reversal of this proved quite easy to do. In only a few days, we had created an out of phase antidote to the latest version of the current electronic medicine. The only down side for some of the test subjects was that they went through a period of catching every cold and flu that came along. It was as though their bodies needed to catch up with the latest environmental bio-information.
Even though the experiment failed, it has let to a greater understanding of viral disease and the human immune system. My work in this area is ongoing.

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